Project background

The CUT’HIVAC project is an innovative needle-free vaccination strategy across the skin to combat HIV and other infectious diseases.

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Funded by the European Commision under the 7th Framework Programme the collaboration spans 5 years and involves 13 partners across Europe, Africa, and South America.

The consortium combines expertise in HIV vaccine development, including DNA-GTU® and particle-based technologies, together with novel skin and mucosal routes of vaccine delivery, as well as pre-clinical, dermatological and clinical trials knowledge.


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  • UPMC

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CUT’HIVAC project launches new website

The objective of the website is to act as the digital home of the project, which will be achieved by: Communicating the aims of the project Including relevant links for associated articles and media To chart upcoming public events associated with the project Creating a look and feel that gives a credible and professional representation [...]

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Meet the CUT'HIVAC team

CUT'HIVAC TeamThe CUT’HIVAC project is made possible by a team of dedicated international scientists based at the Université Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, France.

BehazineThe Project Coordinator is Béhazine Combadiere. Behazine Combadiere is a director of research at Inserm U945/UPMC and has extensive experience on vaccination for infectious disease and skin immunology.

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Featured scientific article

Neutrophils Transport Antigen from the Dermis to the Bone Marrow, Initiating a Source of Memory CD8+ T Cells

Authors: Darragh Duffy, Hélène Perrin, Valérie Abadie, Nora Benhabiles, Alexandre Boissonnas, Christelle Liard, Benjamin Descours, Damien Reboulleau, Olivia Bonduelle, Bernard Verrier, Nico Van Rooijen, Christophe Combadière, Béhazine Combadière

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