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22–27 July 2012XIX International AIDS Conference, Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, USA

8–9 November 2012CUTHIVAC 4th Annual General Meeting

Charité, Berlin, Germany

12–14 October 2011Skin Vaccination Summit 2011

Washington DC, USA

December 2011Launch of 1rst therapeutic clinical trial

UPMC/INSERM, Paris, France

September 2011Launch of 1st preventative clinical trial

SGUL/MRC, London, UK

8–9 March 20111rst CUTHIVAC Training Programme – “Immunomonitoring”

IrsiCaixa, Barcelona, Spain

January 2011–February 2011Submission of annual reports

CUT’HIVAC project launches new website

The objective of the website is to act as the digital home of the project, which will be achieved by: Communicating the aims of the project Including relevant links for associated articles and media To chart upcoming public events associated with the project Creating a look and feel that gives a credible and professional representation [...]

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